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4 Questions to ask yourself for Perfect House Plans

Ensuring that you get the best possible plans drawn up is probably the most important decision you will make regarding your new home. Regardless of the size or location of your new home, the layout of the spaces and how they relate to each other will largely depend on your lifestyle.

Making the complex decisions required to get the most out of your home can be stressful, and it is best to engage a respected professional to assist you with this important phase of your project.

XO Architects has many years’ experience in the design and drawing of house plans, and will ensure that you end up getting the home of your dreams. Here are 4 questions you should ask yourself in order to help you on your way to getting the most out of your planning.

1. Does your house plan reflect and enhance your lifestyle?

Factors like the degree of privacy your design offers, and the availability of spaces that support the activities of your family is important to consider. An active family who spends a lot of time outdoors will naturally have different spatial needs from a family who prefers to spend time indoors. When planning your new home (or the alterations to your existing home), it is important that the design is determined by the needs of your specific household, and the way your family interacts and functions on a daily basis.

2. Do you entertain often or rarely?

If you and your family enjoy your privacy it is important that there are spaces in your home that will support this. “Open plan” schemes are wonderful for entertaining, but additional quiet spaces will be required for times when you or your family need them. The scale of the spaces in your home, the size and location of doors and windows, and how spaces relate to each other as well as the garden will also be determined by how public or private you prefer your home to be. If entertaining is a big part of your family’s lifestyle, your house plan needs to reflect this in the way spaces are arranged, as well as their scale.

3. Do certain functions of your home need special accessibility?

Multigenerational families are becoming more prevalent, and it is important to consider the age, as well as physical ability of all the members of your family while making decisions regarding your house plans. Decisions such as having double story sections or stairs, as well as the width of passages and doors will all need to be taken into account.

4. How much do you live outdoors?

If you and your family enjoy spending time outdoors and in your garden, it is important that your house plan is designed to take this into account. It is essential that your living spaces are well connected to outdoor spaces, and that outdoor spaces are planned or designed to support the lifestyle of your family. All too often indoor and outdoor spaces are poorly linked because no attention is given to the design of the outdoor spaces. A good designer will always treat outdoor spaces with the same care as they do indoor spaces, and this will result in a much richer environment for your family to live in.

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