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House renovations – 5 things you need to do beforehand

Sooner or later the thought of house renovations crosses every home owner’s mind. Whether you want a new bigger bathroom or to demolish an unsightly wall in the home, familiarize yourself with a few basic things beforehand.

1. Know what it is you want Decide exactly what you want to do. Look for pictures online or make a rough sketch. This will help your architect a lot in understanding your needs. Sometimes an idea looks awesome in your head, but as soon as you see a picture of it, you find it appalling. Don’t get started on the house renovations only to realize halfway through it was not what you wanted.

2. Research Do research on how this type of project is conducted, what materials will be used, how much the material will cost and also the cost of labour involved. Get quotations from contractors. Talk to people who have had this type of renovations done before. The more you know, the less (nasty) surprises await you.

3. Budget Now that you have a rough estimate of what this project will cost you – take a look at your budget. Can you afford it? Should some unexpected costs surface during house renovations – would you be able to cover it?

4. Be realistic Be realistic about everything. It is nice to dream big, but don’t overdo it. A lot of people don’t realize exactly how long a particular project can take or don’t consider the annoyance of having strangers tread through their house every day. Plan ahead and make alternative living arrangements if necessary.

5. Prepare for anything Nothing in life ever goes without a hiccup or two, especially home renovations. Be prepared for absolutely anything. You might have to settle for changes along the way because of the unavailability of certain materials or design flaws in the existing structure. As soon as you are ready for your house renovations, give professionals like XO Architects in Bloemfontein a call and create your dream space.

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